This week I’ve decided I’m not efficient, nor worth anything to anyone, if I am to continue doing what I’ve done thus far. 

I’ve engaged in such an amount of debauchery that, that the joy I received from it, is now gone.  It amounts to nothing.  All the drugs, the booze, the beer and pills.  Nothing feels good anymore.

As such, I’ve decided to clean my self up a bit.  Shred off some of the 50lbs I’ve gained during this covid quarantine and try to be a normal, productive person again. 

1st step… Less alcohol. I’d like to get to the point where I don’t need it anymore, again.  It is not easy.  So for my health in this transition, I’m going to slowly decrease my intake. 

2nd step, new clothes and shoes. 

3rd step, always have a project to work on.  Something to distract myself from the horror my mind puts me through.  It’s sort of one of those “idle hands” deals. 

Please…. Wish me luck. 


Just as a general update since January 23 2021, at 20:45:00 CST… This attitude lasted about 5 days. At which time, I went to the hospital for a brain injury. This likely occurred as a result of me being drunk, saying something stupid, getting hit, stumbling, falling and my head landing on the curb of the parking lot, outside a bar.

Wish me luck, harder!