I just pulled the trigger on ordering the parts, PCB and stencil for this design. I’m about 80% confident that I wont run into any issues regarding the design. It’s a fairly wide board, but I’ll likely just use it on a large bread board or another PCB. Anyways, I’ve been wanting to do some SMD stuff on a larger scale then what I’m used to and thought a dev board would be a good (but probably a bit ambitious) place to start.

I learned a bunch a lot about EagleCAD along the way. After reading some opinions on Frtizing at Hackaday, I decided to give it a shot. It’s safe to say I will not be going back to Fritzing. I mean it’s a cool tool to start off with, but I’ve grown out of it.

The following images show the top and bottom of what the PCB will look like when fabricated.

Top of Board
Bottom of Board

Below is the schematic of the board.

And finally. below we have the board as it exists in EagleCAD.

Since this is just the start of the project, or rather the end of phase 1, I shall be updating this post with progress as it’s made.