I need to remember, 2020/21.

Why do I need to remeber these past two year? Well, mainly because I don’t want to. Some of it wasn’t too bad. Lots of it was (how corporatations say) “challenging”. I don’t want to forget all of it, but I’m not happy with the way some things have went down.

Not to provide too much information, I fell down at some point in January.  At which time, my head became very intimate with the curb of a parking lot, outside a bar.

Note how I included that last bit.  I’m not proud.  That’s just what occurred and I’m not holding that detail back, for the purpose of maintaining legitimacy.  

I ended up spending multiple weeks in the hospital.  I lost about ten pounds, just from not wanting to eat that awful food.  There was a period, in which I got out of the hospital and then went back.  During my stay, I watched my birthday pass by.  

I received very few phone calls. None of which were from my friends. Nor did I receive any inquiries over social media about the state of my health or recovery.

However, a specific “friend” wanted to convey that I need to take better care of myself.  Then they proceed to give me a hard time for the event that led to me being in the hospital, in the first place.  This conversation escalated to the point in which it became obvious that it was not about them expressing worry or concern about me, but more so about them feeling better about their general situation.

Things to take into consideration.

  • Did I drink too much in 2020? Yes. 
  • Was I going through something? Yes.
  • Was it because people died? Yes. 
  • Was the so-called “friend” there? No.
  • Did they pay for my medical bills? No
  • Did any of the events that took place, affect or inconvenienced them, in any way? No.




… Mind you, the dude is fucking fry cook, that lives with his parents, in his mid thirties, and can’t even walk in a straight line, sober. 

Hey people. Worry about your own god damn lives, unless you were directly affected by mine. Also, do NOT shroud giving people shit, under the guise of “just caring”.  Unless you’re family. Otherwise, be so kind to mind your own business.