Looks like someone finally got their account suspended. Formally @OutOnTheMoors, now goes by @NotOnTheMoors.


New account, same antagonistic bullshit attitude towards any party that has a different opinion than her own.  She enjoys talking shit to people without direct provication, making blatient unfounded assumptions and then adding the person to her “shit lists”.  She then immediately blocks the poor bastard once they start defending themselves.  Usually not before she confirms whether or not she got a rise out of the person.  It’s a chicken shit thing to do.  Getting the last word doesn’t count for shit, if you block someone right after insulting them.

Anyways, if you happened to come across this awful excuse for a human being, well then… Don’t take it personally. It’s likely that @NotOnTheMoors doesn’t know what she is upset about and everyone in her life probably stopped giving a shit a long time ago.


Hello @NotOnTheMoors. Congrats on all the cats and your new account. Have good time with your little old lady trolling routine.